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Team building is the key to high people and product performance


In October Judy was back in Paris running another successful team building session in Levallois-perret at new training venue Zaltabar.



Orphan disease is given air time

Judy was up in Paris conducting media training on behalf of Publicis Life Brands for four top European medical consultants before they appeared on an international webinar to talk about a very complex orphan disease and its treatment. Said Judy "One week I'm presenting in one country and the next week coaching others to do the same in another location - life is never boring!"

Judy presents at the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine on "Navigating and Negotiating Today's Multicultural Envoironment"

The Life Sciences Leadership Master Course at ECPM , University of Basel, Switzeland explores in theory and practice what it takes to be an effective leader. Participants get the core management skills they need to fully leverage the human capital of their company. The course aims to fill the gaps between leadership and management, vision and reality, strategy design and implementation in the Life Sciences / Health / Insurance Industries. Hence, science-minded managers are turned into capable business leaders. Photo: Judy with course organisers Dr. Annette Mollet and Prof. Thomas D. Szucs.



Saachi and Saachi Health Rise to the Presentation Challenge


In April Judy returned to the Paris HQ of Publicis Health Care Group in Suresnes to run a two day training course in French on L'Art de la Présentation Orale for two diifferent groups from Saachi and Saachi Health. Said Judy, " It's amazing how the same training course generates different dynamics depending on the group. We had some incredibly creative presentaions on exactly the same topics which were approached from an entirely different angle in the two different groups. As far as I'm concerned if they engage their audience, are captivating and memorable , then they've passed the test! "

Presentation Skills and Facilitation skills in English for YSSUP Research


Judy conducted a 2 day intensive training course for Yssup Reaserach (part of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group) in Paris in July. Day one consisted of How to deliver a Confident Presentation in English and day two was all about How to Faciltitate in English. Energy and involvement was high and everyone registered a significant improvement in both confidence and competence. In today's global market place whether you are working in Paris or Shangai, the chances are that you will need to communicate in English. Audiences are mixed even on "home" territory. Said Judy: "Following this course I am confident that these trainees would handle their next missions successfully with their new tool box of techniques and redefined energy levels and approach."

June 2009 Team building

Judy and fellow consultant Steve Howe ran a successful team building training for a leading pharmaceutical company at le Manoir, one of the well-known Chateauforme conference facilities ( to the North of Paris. The team building consisted of two half-day sessions and made use of Le Manoir’s excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.


Judy with Steve Howe at the Manoir Team members blindfolded and engaged in a challenging outdoor activity Debriefing session with Judy
 Judy with Steve Howe at the Manoir  Team members blindfolded and
engaged in a challenging outdoor
 Debriefing session with Judy


Says Judy: “The training was demanding but fun and the sunny weather and beautiful grounds lent themselves perfectly to this type of training. Working with Steve meant that we could divide the group into two competing teams which introduced competition into the equation and made it even more motivating for the trainees.” The training took place in English as the group was made up of several different nationalities. A mixture of indoor and outdoor activities was designed to help improve the team’s internal and external communication skills.

“Steve and I have a different range of skills and complement each other well which means the client benefits from high added value. Steve and I have worked together on a number of France based projects, and his knowledge of the French language and culture increases with each training course. This makes him a natural choice for this type of project.”

March 2009 – Panama

Judy takes time out to visit the Panama CanalJudy visits the Embera Indians and joins in a typical danceJudy is back from a five day trip to Panama where she was training Medical, Marketing and Sales managers in Assertiveness from the whole of Latin America for a leading pharmaceutical company. Judy conducted the training session in Spanish which allowed the participants to interact freely with her and each other in their mother tongue. Commenting on the experience Judy said: “Once again the enthusiasm and motivation of the trainees made them a pleasure to work with. It is not until you deal with such a large gathering that you really appreciate how many different Hispanic countries there are. It is incredibly culturally enriching. There is so much positive energy coming out of this continent and they are very enthusiastic to succeed. Everyone was keen to continue the discussion and ask questions even out of session. I was also incredibly fortunate to be able to see some of the country while I was there, including visiting Embera village to see one of the last remaining traditional Indian tribes and Anton to experience life within a volcanic crater. Of course the Canal remains the greatest tourist attraction, but I always try and see something off the beaten track. It teaches me more about the people and their way of life.

February 2009 AthensJudy In Athens - Feb 2009

Judy in Athens outside the Panathinaiko Stadium where the first modern Olympic games were held.

Judy has returned from Athens where she was training 70 medical, marketing and sales managers from the Middle East and Africa in Assertiveness. Said Judy: “This was the largest course I have run of this kind. It is hard to do a practical interactive course with such large numbers. Normally 20 is the limit I set for this kind of training to be effective. However demand was high for this course and so I agreed to take on the challenge. It was exhausting but the feed back was so positive that I have to agree that it worked despite my initial reservations. Talking about Athens as a venue, Judy commented: “One of the highlights of this trip was to visit the Panathinaiko stadium and pay homage to my favourite sport. I would have loved to have been able to run at this stadium when I was competing. Whenever I find a running track I always feel at home but this is the ‘running track of running tracks’ In ancient times it was used to host the athletic portion of the Panathenaic Games in honour of the Goddess Athena and it was a special moment to be at the birth place of athletics in the country where it all started.

Date : January 2009

Judy with Bertrand Griesmar, CEO of MEDICUS Paris and Virginie LopezJudy with Bertrand Griesmar, CEO of MEDICUS Paris and Virginie Lopez his PA during their recent training seminar. Judy ran another series of training sessions over a week focusing on listening skills and face to face interaction. Judy commented: “Listening skills are essential in this company where meetings and teleconferences are held in English on a daily basis. Alternating training sessions in Paris with distance training via Skype allows us to vary the focus imitating the daily working conditions and tasks”. Judy adopts a holistic approach incorporating cultural training into the programme with tips on how to handle and interact with Anglo-Saxons; Both Bertrand and Virginie commented on the valued added of this approach which focuses on how to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings which frequently occur and are not of a purely linguistic nature. 

MEDICUS PARIS raises the bar on Professional English:

Medicus part of the advertising giant Publicis Healthcare Communications Group has asked Judy to develop and run a series of Professional English courses for key members of staff in Paris designed to improve overall communication skills in specialized areas of English. The courses which are designed to take into account the busy schedules and time-starved training environment are being conducted using a combination of face to face intensive sessions alongside Skype (internet lessons) which allow training sessions to be flexible and conducted “on the run”. Skype allows for short sessions and maximum continuity between sessions. “People can always find 30 minutes for a Skype lesson, whereas longer face to face sessions can be hard to coordinate with other work obligations and are consequently often abandoned. The mixture strikes a good balance, allowing for a variety of skills to be practised. Skype also allows people to travel without missing their training session.


Judy with Dr Lucie Brémaud
Judy with Dr Lucie Brémaud, Strategic
Operations Director, Groupe BOZ 
part of Publicis Healthcare Cummunications Group.

Emotional Intelligence helping  Doctors decode their Patients


Judy partners up with Boz part of Publicis Health Care Communications Group once again in a seminar and training initiative to be held in Marseilles, France. Judy has been asked to run a series of workshops on Emotional Intelligence for French medical consultants, encompassing non-verbal communication skills in particular. The aim is to help the consultants improve their doctor-patient communication skills. When asked why doctors need to learn these skills, Judy replied: “The importance of being able to decode a patient fast and detect the ‘message behind the message’ is an invaluable skill. It saves time and can deliver critical information to a doctor who has a patient that is withholding information. It is a fast track to improving rapport and increasing compliance to treatment.”

Judy takes the Pharmceutical industry by storm

June 2008 - Read Judy's latest publication on using Transactional Analysis to Train French Doctors in improved communication skills

 2007 saw Judy develop and deliver a plethora of training courses for the medical world and pharmaceutical industry and 2008 looks set to continue the trend.

Working both with the leading *Pharmaceutical companies and in partnership with BOZ part of the giant Publicis Healthcare Communications Group she has developed courses ranging from Assertiveness training for medical and marketing managers , Transactional Analysis for Health Practitioners for improved doctor-patient communication, Emotional Intelligence for doctors and Non-verbal communication skills to assist Health Practitioners in decoding their patients.

Success has been such that follow-up and new courses are now underway for 2008. Says Judy: “ I derive an enormous amount of satisfaction form this sort of training, the development of the courses fulfils the creative side of me while the delivering is immensely satisfying as I am working alongside health care professionals who in my eyes have an immense value-added in the work they are undertaking. The aim is to constantly improve someone’s quality of life. It is incredibly satisfying. The demand for new programmes is overwhelming and positive feedback I am receiving is encouraging me to strive to develop even more innovative material to motivate my trainees.”

Judy who has been working alongside health care professionals for the past twelve years was formally head of English training and communication for Merck-Théramex where she became an expert in developing custom-made courses for actors in the medical and pharma industry. Since setting up her own company, she has continued to work in close collaboration with the major players in the health care industry.

*Names of companies and details of programmes are withheld for reasons of confidentiality agreements.
Judy would be happy to discuss the development of a personalised programme for your company and can be contacted by clicking on : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2010 was another busy year for Judy who continued to deliver her unique brand of communications skills course to the international Healthcare industry.  Judy ran courses in Presentation skills , Assertiveness, Convincing Power, Interview skills, Emotional Intelligence, Team building, Cross cultural intelligence, Commercial Excellence and in various languages. Judy commented: “Being able to adapt courses to the local language and culture is one of my USPs. It means so much more when people can interact in their own language. Only when English is the lingua franca of the work place or we have a mixture of nationalities do we do the courses entirely in English”. Answering the question as to what sets her apart from other trainers, she replied: “I’m sure that a sound medical and pharmaceutical background gained from 15 years of working within the pharma industry coupled with the fact that I come from a medical family background, (my sister Amanda Churchill is a consultant ophthalmologist at Bristol eye hospital  and Consultant Senior Lecturer at Bristol University, and my father, a former vetinary surgeon and virologist , now has a biotech company all means that people know I am confident and knowledgable about training people in the healthcare industry . " Judy is also an annual presenter at the the DIA Euromeeting and will be presenting in Geneva in 2011.