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My name is Judy Churchill and I hold the key to your success. Whether it’s learning a new language (French, English or Spanish), training your staff or team, translating your documents, or making a major life or career change, I can take you from potential to performance. My work is all about making your dreams a reality and getting results fast! My experience is vast and in 2007 I was winner of the JPC Citywealth Platinum Award. This year I celebrate 36 years of business success!

Life or Career coaching can seriously change your life!

Coaching is neither therapy nor counselling – it’s a results based fast track method to get you from where you are today to where you dream of being tomorrow. If you are prepared to give me your full commitment I will help you reach your goal. I will show you how to achieve the life you want.

My clientele is very diverse ranging from VIPs, heads of industry, multinational corporations, senior management and their teams, doctors and consultants, private individuals, young people and children.

I am based in Monaco but work with people the world over either face to face or via Skype, phone or Facetime.

If you are ready for change, I’m ready to help you. You can contact me for more information or to arrange a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael Pellegrino BEFIT Monaco helps Judy focus on the target muscle group in her back

Walking the talk and practicing what you preach should be a part of every coach's agenda but it isn't always easy to take a dose of your own medicine, as Judy found out when she accepted the BEFIT Monaco challenge. Click on Newsletters and read all about it in the October edition of the Newsletter and see

Life coaching with Judy has been the most transforming and eye-opening experience of my life. Through conversations with her and books she recommended, Judy has opened me to the benefits of continual change and hence, personal growth. Despite its benefits, the actual changing, as Betty Carter noted "requires tenacity, support and - most important - strategy." Judy has provided me with all that. Besides making me believe in myself and my unique abilities, she taught me to act on them and apply myself consistently. As a result I feel empowered in my life and in all my relationships. I feel courageous to face my fears rather than live with them. I have found a great council and friend in Judy and hope to continue to learn life's wisdom and empowering communication techniques from her, as her treasure chest of life's intelligence is bottomless.

Встречи с Джуди помогли мне в корне изменить мою жизнь. Она открыла мне глаза на преимущества непрерывного преобразования, а значит, и личностного духовного роста. Изменять себя и свою жизнь очень страшно. Даже самые необходимые изменения, по словам Бэтти Картер, "требуют поддержки, упорства и... стратегии". Все это дала мне Джуди. Благодаря ей я не только приобрела веру в себя и в свои возможности, но и научилась применять их в своих действиях, каждый день продвигаясь к исполнению своих целей и желаний. Я чувствую себя в силах бороться со своими страхами, а не жить с ними. В Джуди я нашла незаменимого советника и друга и надеюсь в будущем продолжать учиться от нее жизненной мудрости и искусству общения, потому что кладовая ее познаний неистощима.

Janna Aidarkhanova

Judy Churchill


Judy Churchill



I have participated in team building and assertiveness trainings conducted by Judy. Her professionalism and capacity to address client’s needs were impressive. With her active listening skills she rapidly provides confidence and trust. During the trainings we were able to learn, adapt and grow and most importantly to apply our learning once back in the office. Her awareness of intercultural and personality differences helped to address difficult situations with a positive and constructive attitude. Judy accompanied me, as well, in my professional development as a coach. Her analysis of the situation was rapid and she taught me different ways to grow in my functions and responsibilities. I felt I was moving forward after each session. She definitely helped me to learn about myself, others and to look forward to future projects with enthusiasm and a lot of energy.
Dragana MILO, PharmD, PhD 
Director Development Strategy and Realization Global Reasearch and Development at sanofi-aventis (Paris)
"My sessions with Judy came about when I decided to stop smoking and make a few changes in my life. She's a true inspiration and gave me the guidance and insight I was looking for to be able to really focus on my projects. Through our work together I've moved forward in a personal and professional growth greater than I could have hoped for. For me life coaching has been an important and brilliant investment in myself. And I would like to thank Judy for everything I've learned from her. She's incredibly resourceful, intuitive, supportive and dedicated to her profession. "
Josie Rutherford Artist, B.A. Hons Textile design
If you are interested in contacting Josie about her art work you can email her on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Life Coaching

However difficult the situation you find yourself in, there is always a solution.

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"Never, Never, Never, Never give up"
Winston Churchill