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 The Cultural Awareness Challenge

Judy presents for IUM at the Gildo Pastor Centre MonacoSCHOOL'S BACK and with it the new intake of MBA students at the International University of Monaco. The students hail from all over the world and are extending their comfort zones as they come to terms with Southern European culture. IUM takes cultural integration and team work very seriously and as part of their induction programme, called upon Judy's services to present a seminar on local Cultural Awareness in the context of Monegasque and French culture.



Said Judy: " I'm passionate about helping people fit in and get to grips with the local culture and languages. It makes their stay so much more worthwhile. My aim is to give them administrative, social, protocol and business pointers and also information about the local area and environment. Monaco is unusual in that it is a mixture of Monegasque, French and Italian culture with the English language often used as the cohesive element that binds a multitude of nationalities together. People here have to be able to operate on several cummunicative levels simutaneously.

Judy presents to IUM MBA students at the Gildo Pastor Centre in MonacoCommenting on Judy's presentation, Dr. Marika Taishoff, Director of the Monaco MBA, said that her students-who represent a dozen nationalities- not only found the presentation highly entertaining and informative, but also gained unique, 'insider' insights that would allow them to fully enjoy their stay here. In particular, they are now aware of how cultural differences can affect behaviors and norms, and so are better equipped to deal with otherwise tricky and problematic situations. Rather than taking things personally, for instance when they are told, as many have been numerous times alas, "non, c'est pas possible", the students can reflect back to what Judy said, and it all falls calmly into perspective. The value of Judy's presentation is inestimable, and a corner stone for building a successful, fulfilling and enjoyable year for our Monaco MBA students."

IUM MBA students at Judy's Presentation et the GIldo Pastor Centre in Monaco




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