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Judy enters into New Partnership with NORMAN ALEX

Ivor Alex Founder and CEO NORMAN ALEXNORMAN ALEX are specialised recruitment consultants with offices in Monaco, Paris, Geneva, and Lebanon. The company, which boasts a multicultural team of consultants covering Continental Europe and the Middle East is mainly specialised in banking recruitment, particularly private banking, asset management, corporate finance and capital markets. With their expertise and knowledge of the banking sector, NORMAN ALEX has identified a need for practical, insightful, results driven training in three key areas:


I have participated in team building and assertiveness trainings conducted by Judy. Her professionalism and capacity to address client’s needs were impressive. With her active listening skills she rapidly provides confidence and trust. During the trainings we were able to learn, adapt and grow and most importantly to apply our learning once back in the office. Her awareness of intercultural and personality differences helped to address difficult situations with a positive and constructive attitude. Judy accompanied me, as well, in my professional development as a coach. Her analysis of the situation was rapid and she taught me different ways to grow in my functions and responsibilities. I felt I was moving forward after each session. She definitely helped me to learn about myself, others and to look forward to future projects with enthusiasm and a lot of energy.
Dragana MILO, PharmD, PhD

Non-Verbal Communication
Transactional Analysis
Emotional Intelligence
Face to Face Interaction 
Conflict Management
Dealing with Change & Transition
Pitches & Presentations Rehearsals
Life Skills

Language Training - English French Spanish

Communication skills for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

2008 was another busy year for Judy who continued to travel the globe and deliver her unique brand of communications skills course to the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry.  Judy ran courses in Presentation skills for medical consultants, Assertiveness courses for medical advisors and marketing managers and Non-verbal communication skills for Medical consultants. The courses were held in Scandinavia, France and South America in English, French and Spanish.

Judy commented: “It is rewarding to see that as well as generating new interest in these areas, I am also getting repeat business. This shows that the training is effective and results are such that people are coming back for more.” Answering the question as to what she sees as her U.S.P. , she replied: “I’m sure that apart from a sound medical and pharmaceutical background, the fact that I can deliver courses in several different languages sets me apart from other trainers. It is so much more comfortable for trainees to follow a course in their native language.” 2009 looks set to continue the trend with courses in Europe and South America already in the first quarter.

 Judy takes the Pharmceutical industry by storm

2007 saw Judy develop and deliver a plethora of training courses for the medical world and pharmaceutical industry and 2008 looks set to continue the trend.

Working both with the leading *Pharmaceutical companies and in partnership with BOZ part of the giant Publicis Healthcare Communications Group she has developed courses ranging from Assertiveness training for medical and marketing managers , Transactional Analysis for Health Practitioners for improved doctor-patient communication, Emotional Intelligence for doctors and Non-verbal communication skills to assist Health Practitioners in decoding their patients.

Success has been such that follow-up and new courses are now underway for 2008. Says Judy: “ I derive an enormous amount of satisfaction form this sort of training, the development of the courses fulfils the creative side of me while the delivering is immensely satisfying as I am working alongside health care professionals who in my eyes have an immense value-added in the work they are undertaking. The aim is to constantly improve someone’s quality of life. It is incredibly satisfying. The demand for new programmes is overwhelming and positive feedback I am receiving is encouraging me to strive to develop even more innovative material to motivate my trainees.”

Judy who has been working alongside health care professionals for the past twelve years was formally head of English training and communication for Merck-Théramex where she became an expert in developing custom-made courses for actors in the medical and pharma industry. Since setting up her own company, she has continued to work in close collaboration with the major players in the health care industry.

*Names of companies and details of programmes are withheld for reasons of confidentiality agreements.
Judy would be happy to discuss the development of a personalised programme for your company and can be contacted by clicking on : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.