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Back by popular demand Judy presented her winning and inspirational "The 3 Fs ©" formula showing how with Focus , Fire and Fun you can achieve Success in your professional and personal life. In this short preview you can also see what others thought of the event.

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Goal Setting Doesn't Work! So what Does?

Judy presented to a full house at the Hotel Ellington in Nice on 24th January and gave the audience her secret recipe for sucess. In an evening organised by The Holistic Professionals Network, she explained how and why goal setting doesn't work and gave her audience her own magic formula of "The 3 Fs ©" - FOCUS, FIRE and FUN to which she attributes her own success and continual high energy and motivation. The feedback was so resoundlingly positive that Judy will be repeating the presentation at another location in Nice on 12th February.

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Photo credit: Mike Colquhoun

Judy will be speaking at the DIA (Drug Information Association) 25th Annual Euromeeting. Judy will be chairing and speaking at the Student session on March 4th on the theme Enhancing Your Soft Skills by Improving Your Emotional Intelligence. Judy who is considered an expert in this field, was chosen in 2005  as one of the two leading authorities on EQ in France  to be interviewed in Paris and take part in a European project investigating the role Emotional Intelligence in Education across Europe. She has given many talks on the subject, written articles and apart from individual and corporate training in this area, has coached doctors and consultants in enhanced Emotional Intelligence for improved doctor -patient relations. For more information or to download the conference programme:


Orientation day for the MBA students took place at the International University of Monaco on 4th September and Judy was asked to present on "Living in Monaco". Judy commented in her introduction "After 30 years of being here there isn't a lot I haven't seen or experienced either first or second hand but the real key to integration is getting involved at a local level - giving before you take." Monaco despite it's glitzy, glamorous appearance is also a very traditional, religious state with a heavy emphasis on protocol." said Judy "This is a Principality, not a republic and it pays to remember that." For more information on courses at IUM see:

The International University of Monaco is a partner of the INSEEC Group, one of the largest French Educational Institutions with campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and London.



On 26th March Judy spoke at the Young Professionals' Session Enhance Your Personal Skills and Develop Your Career options. Judy's presentation "Navigating in Today's Multicultural Environment"  gave professionals in the healthcare industry combined  insights in to what to expect in the global workplace and tips on how to deal with and overcome cultural differences. Judy commented: DIA is always a highlight of the conference year and yet again this session was full to capacity. It is wonderful to catch up with past attendees and meet the new faces of the healthcare world. These professionals all share one thing in common, they are all working in a country that is not their country of origin, in a language that is not their native one, navigating the cultural minefield of a multicultural/lingual team. They have no idea how long they will be in that position before they move yet again. Training is essential if potential is to be maximised and communication breakdowns avoided.

 IUM's Cultural Challenge

Judy presents for IUM at the Gildo Pastor Centre Monaco

SCHOOL'S BACK and with it the new intake of MBA students at the International University of Monaco. The students hail from all over the world and are extending their comfort zones as they come to terms with Southern European culture. IUM takes cultural integration and team work very seriously and as part of their induction programme, called upon Judy's services to present a seminar on local Cultural Awareness in the context of Monegasque and French culture.