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Judy has over 25 years experience training and coaching at corporate level. Dealing with highly discerning groups and individuals, she has developed and conducted language and communication skills courses in English, French and Spanish for corporate clients from areas as diverse as:

Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Legal, Accounting, Medicine, Textile, Shipping, Human Resources, Communications, International Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, Automobile Industry, Information Technology, International Sports Management, Television……

Language courses

Judy can carry out a language audit, assess your level and develop a tailor-made programme for you, your department or your company.

Language courses can also be combined with a communication skill such as Public Speaking, Negotiating, Meetings skills, Emotional Intelligence etc

Communication Skills

Whatever the skill or skills you, your group or your company are seeking to learn or perfect, Judy and her network of highly skilled coaches can develop a customised programme based on your professional needs and adapted to your specific circumstances. She will help you select the tools and approach most suited to enabling you to reach your goals. 

The ideal corporate venueConington Flying Club

Dr Tony ChurchillConington Flying Club - Aerolease Ltd

If you are looking for a Corporate or Group outing or a way to motivate your “troops”, why not consider Conington Flying Club where Judy’s father, Dr. Anthony Churchill is Managing Director. Visit the site and see what exciting and exhilarating activities they can offer you or your company. Find out more at:

Communication skills for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

2008 was another busy year for Judy who continued to travel the globe and deliver her unique brand of communications skills course to the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry.  Judy ran courses in Presentation skills for medical consultants, Assertiveness courses for medical advisors and marketing managers and Non-verbal communication skills for Medical consultants. The courses were held in Scandinavia, France and South America in English, French and Spanish.

Judy commented: “It is rewarding to see that as well as generating new interest in these areas, I am also getting repeat business. This shows that the training is effective and results are such that people are coming back for more.” Answering the question as to what she sees as her U.S.P. , she replied: “I’m sure that apart from a sound medical and pharmaceutical background, the fact that I can deliver courses in several different languages sets me apart from other trainers. It is so much more comfortable for trainees to follow a course in their native language.” 2009 looks set to continue the trend with courses in Europe and South America already in the first quarter.

Judy was delighted to continue her work as a consultant to Noaro Frères in 2016 and participate in the celebrations for their 110th Anniversary which took place at the Monte Carlo Yacht Club. The secret of their success lies in a high performing team and a constant pipeline of innovative services and products. Onwards and upwards! Judy is pictured with president and CEO Jean-François Noaro.

Judy joins Organic Religion's Team of Experts


Judy has joined Alyona Tikonova and Michael Pellegrino as part of  Organic Religion's  team of experts. said Judy: 'It's exciting to contribute to the success of this fast expending juice and detox programme business. People are fast recognising the need for improved health and well-being and we are working on adding value to this dynamic business." Franchising is already underway and expansion into Western Europe in the pipeline for 2015. 



It is great to be able to contribute to the success of a client's team and Noaro Frères is no exception. Winners of the 2014 Trophées du Club de l'Eco Monaco Innovation prize for Nu Flow technology on 11th December in Monaco and great projects in the pipeline for 2015. Said Judy: "I am delighted to continue my collaboration with this dynamic open minded team. President Jean-François Noaro listened and was prepared to think outside the box - it paid off. They have recently launched a 24 hour emergency service that we worked on together and have been able to retore, heating, water and sanitation sevices at any time of the day and night to numerous businesses and homes over the past weeks.

President Jean-François Noaro wins the Innovation Prize.

Judy joins the team of Noaro Frères  for the team photo.

Judy enters into New Partnership with NORMAN ALEX

Ivor Alex Founder and CEO NORMAN ALEXNORMAN ALEX are specialised recruitment consultants with offices in Monaco, Paris, Geneva, and Lebanon. The company, which boasts a multicultural team of consultants covering Continental Europe and the Middle East is mainly specialised in banking recruitment, particularly private banking, asset management, corporate finance and capital markets. With their expertise and knowledge of the banking sector, NORMAN ALEX has identified a need for practical, insightful, results driven training in three key areas:

How to stimulate and successfully manage diversity and create value for your company?

Judy with Sophie de Lorenzo of the IUM office of career services & corporate relations at the MCD two day event on 15 and 16 April at the Hotel Novotel in Monaco.The event was a combination of conference, employer branding, networking spaces, HR workshops and panel discussions, giving IUM MBA students the opportunity to meet with potential employers and experts in their fields. Judy acted as an assessor in the Finance Focus Group Interactive Assessment Workshop, a four step simulation game where teams needed to perform four related tasks and present the final outcome in front of the other participants and assessors. Said Judy: "The Monaco career days is not only a fantastic initiative but also a very definite need. In the current war of "talent", companies are re-thinking their definition of "talent", enlarging the concept to middle managers and staff members. They are questioning the approach focused on the "high Po" (high potential) and redefining the criteria of performance and company expectations." Over the two days much discussion took place and new ground was broken with both MBA students and HR managers rewriting the rule book. Sessions were held on new approaches to Rewarding Performances, Aligning HR Strategy with Diversity , Talent Diversity in Luxury, Keys for successful integration of foreign workers, alongside hands-on workshops where theory was put into practice. 


I have participated in team building and assertiveness trainings conducted by Judy. Her professionalism and capacity to address client’s needs were impressive. With her active listening skills she rapidly provides confidence and trust. During the trainings we were able to learn, adapt and grow and most importantly to apply our learning once back in the office. Her awareness of intercultural and personality differences helped to address difficult situations with a positive and constructive attitude. Judy accompanied me, as well, in my professional development as a coach. Her analysis of the situation was rapid and she taught me different ways to grow in my functions and responsibilities. I felt I was moving forward after each session. She definitely helped me to learn about myself, others and to look forward to future projects with enthusiasm and a lot of energy.
Dragana MILO, PharmD, PhD


September 2009 La Forteresse de Mello  

La Forteresse de MelloJudy was back at another Châteauform’ in September and this time it was at the majestic Forteresse de Mello.

Whereas in June she was training one of the major companies that use Châteauform’ as a venue, it was for Châteauform’ itself that she was running this particular course. Says Judy: “Not only does Châteauform’ provide state of the art conference facilities to enable their clients to provide training for their personnel but they are also Jérôme Bidaut and Judy Churchill at Châteauform’ La Forteresse de Mellocommitted to providing quality training on all levels for their own staff.” Judy developed a customised assertiveness course for Head of Customer Services, Jérôme Bidaut.  This course was designed to take the client to another level of self confidence, equip him with a tool box for dealing quickly and efficiently with conflict, but above all to show him new ways of relating more successfully to people on a day to day basis, so that both sides feel comfortable and satisfied with the outcome.

La Princesse château at La Forteresse de MelloCommenting on his training course with Judy which was entirely conducted in French, Jérôme summarised it as follows: "Un apport de concepts dense, mais distillés de façon très ciblée et sur mesure, Des jeux de rôle et des mises en situation plus vrais que nature, Des techniques, outils et astuces très concrets et pratiques à utiliser au quotidien... Dining area at La PrincesseLa formation dispensée par Judy sur l'assertivité permet non seulement de progresser en temps réel, mais donne aussi le bagage nécessaire pour continuer à se développer de façon autonome."

Said Judy :“ “This kind of course is very intense and demands high concentration and energy levels on both sides. Jérôme worked hard and it was important that the surroundings lend themselves to facilitating the experience. Working at la Forteresse made the task easy. The facilities and catering are second to none. The staff are friendly and efficient which is a huge plus as it’s something I see less and less of in this part of the world. Sadly people are becoming increasingly demotivated in France and the level of service in many traditional hotel establishments is deplorably bad. Chateauform’ is a shining example of seamless, customer driven service. With their all inclusive price policy there are no nasty surprises and there is always someone on hand to make sure that all is running smoothly in the conference rooms. It certainly makes a trainer’s life easier and their beautiful grounds provide a welcome change of scenery at the end of the working day or as a outdoor venue for team building activities. I look forward to my next course!”

For more information see:

March 2009 – Panama

Judy takes time out to visit the Panama CanalJudy with the Embera village representativeJudy is back from a five day trip to Panama where she was training Medical, Marketing and Sales managers in Assertiveness from over 60 Latin America countries for a leading pharmaceutical company. Judy conducted the training session in Spanish which allowed the participants to interact freely with her and each other in their mother tongue. Commenting on the experience Judy said: “Once again the enthusiasm and motivation of the trainees made them a pleasure to work with. It is not until you deal with such a large gathering that you really appreciate how many different Hispanic countries there are. It is incredibly culturally enriching. There is so much positive energy coming out of this continent and they are very enthusiastic to succeed. Everyone was keen to continue the discussion and ask questions even out of session. I was also incredibly fortunate to be able to see some of the country while I was there, including visiting Embera village to see one of the last remaining traditional Indian tribes and Anton to experience life within a volcanic crater. Of course the Canal remains the greatest tourist attraction, but I always try and see something off the beaten track. It teaches me more about the people and their way of life.

Date : January 2009Judy with Bertrand Griesmar, CEO of MEDICUS Paris and Virginie Lopez

Judy with Bertrand Griesmar, CEO of MEDICUS Paris and Virginie Lopez his PA during their recent training seminar. Judy ran another series of training sessions over a week focusing on listening skills and face to face interaction. Judy commented: “Listening skills are essential in this company where meetings and teleconferences are held in English on a daily basis. Alternating training sessions in Paris with distance training via Skype allows us to vary the focus imitating the daily working conditions and tasks”. Judy adopts a holistic approach incorporating cultural training into the programme with tips on how to handle and interact with Anglo-Saxons; Both Bertrand and Virginie commented on the valued added of this approach which focuses on how to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings which frequently occur and are not of a purely linguistic nature.

Judy with Robin and Dick Fosbury, Tracy Mattes of WOA, Lydia Ewing and Jeffrey Johnson of PAR ( and Dr Ted Anders.Date : January 2009
Event : 2nd World Olympians Association, IDAHO

Over New Year, Judy spent four days in Sun Valley, Idaho at the WOA headquarters for in depth talks on the development of education programmes for Olympians.

Said Judy: “I am very excited about the prospect of collaborating with the WOA as this is an opportunity to link both my sports and educational teaching background together. I feel very comfortable dealing and working with Olympians as I already understand their mindset. I know where they are coming from and can help take them where they want to go as they enter the next phase of their life journey. This is a match made in heaven.” 



October 2008: Recent Training Sessions and Seminars


 Judy with Leonardo Farkas, President of the Board and wife Tina
Judy with Leonardo Farkas, President of the
Board  and wife Tina


Judy has returned from spending five days in the North of Chile exploring the desert. “The opportunity arose because I was asked to run an Assertiveness training course for a leading European Pharmaceutical company with platforms in South America. The venue for the training was Santiago, so I decided to combine this with an outdoor challenge, fulfilling a desire to see and do something I had never experienced before”, said Judy. The course participants were from the major Latin American countries and Judy a fluent speaker of Spanish conducted the course in their native language. “It makes such a difference when trainees only have to concentrate on the content of the course and are not struggling with a foreign language. Judy Relaxing in ChileThe people they are dealing with are key opinion leaders in their own countries. It makes no sense to ask them to carry out role plays and simulations in English when in real life this will take place in Spanish.” Asked about her impressions of Chile, she replied: “I found Chile to be an amazingly enthusiastic and exciting place. The population is young and eager to move forward. I was fortunate enough to receive much helpful advice from Danielle Biancheri -Quintana the Monaco Consul General prior to my trip but also received help from one of the country’s most interesting and influential personalities Leonardo Farkas and his wife Tina.” Leonardo Farkas is such a well loved philanthropist and popular figure in Chile, that many Chileans are pushing him to stand for Presidency.

September 2008: Moore Stephens sees training as a key to high quality customer service

On 23 September Judy contributed to an internal training initiative organized by Moore Stephens Services S.A.M. in Monaco at the Meridian Beach Plaza. True to its belief in providing the highest quality of customer service, MSS places great store by looking after its most precious resource: its staff. The company organizes regular training sessions with both internal and external consultants. Judy ran a session on “Business Etiquette” (complementing an overall theme of risk assessment and management). Following the session she commented: “The group was motivated, actively contributed and their feedback was very positive”. Expectations are high in this company which is reputed for its excellent attention to detail and for maintaining exceptional rapport with its clients. Their clients need to be able to rely on a company with the highest level of expertise in a fast changing economic and legal environment.

The overall training initiative was perceived as a positive and worthwhile experience by the participants. This is yet further proof of how an insightful and forward thinking company such as MSS can motivate employees by making the resources available to allow such training to take place. Organiser of the initiative and Moore Stephen’s partner, Patricia Osborne, believes there is a massive payoff in terms of enhanced staff morale and consequently improved customer service.

July 2008 Judy accepts the airkix challenge:

Judy flying at airkix in Milton Keynes,UKConstantly training companies and individuals to rise to various challenges; July was the month that Judy accepted the airkix skydiving challenge and moved out of her own comfort zone. Speaking about the experience, Judy said: “I was challenged to do this by a group I was working with and although I was extremely nervous beforehand, I believe in practising what I professionally preach and trying something new. This really stretched me in every sense of the word but the feeling of achievement afterwards was immense.When you are in the position of trainer/challenger, it is important to allow others to challenge you and ‘walk (or fly) the talk’”. For more information:

June 2008 Judy Teams up with IMSpro :

Judy on a recent assignment in LondonIMSpro is a Monaco based company with an exciting new product. askamon ™ , a web based EMR system designed to revolutionise the monitoring of top level sports men and women the world over. askamon ™ has already been taken on by several professional sports federations in France and Monaco including Football, Basket ball as well as operating at Rolland Garros and the Small States of Europe Games amongst others. askamon ™ is a real-time, on-line integrated information management system for Sports Medicine, addressing all critical functions of a typical healthcare setup.

askamon ™ is now being sought after by international clients and IMSpro have asked Judy to help them tackle the challenge of responding to the international market bids. Hervé Barbat, Managing Director said the company was expanding on a monthly basis to deal with increasing demand.

A keen sportswoman and former competitive athlete Judy commented: “This allows me to associate my love of sport, experience in the healthcare arena and communication skills. I am very excited about the potential of this product.” For more information: and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Judy takes the Pharmceutical industry by storm

2007 saw Judy develop and deliver a plethora of training courses for the medical world and pharmaceutical industry and 2008 looks set to continue the trend.

Working both with the leading *Pharmaceutical companies and in partnership with BOZ part of the giant Publicis Healthcare Communications Group she has developed courses ranging from Assertiveness training for medical and marketing managers , Transactional Analysis for Health Practitioners for improved doctor-patient communication, Emotional Intelligence for doctors and Non-verbal communication skills to assist Health Practitioners in decoding their patients.

Success has been such that follow-up and new courses are now underway for 2008. Says Judy: “ I derive an enormous amount of satisfaction form this sort of training, the development of the courses fulfils the creative side of me while the delivering is immensely satisfying as I am working alongside health care professionals who in my eyes have an immense value-added in the work they are undertaking. The aim is to constantly improve someone’s quality of life. It is incredibly satisfying. The demand for new programmes is overwhelming and positive feedback I am receiving is encouraging me to strive to develop even more innovative material to motivate my trainees.”

Judy who has been working alongside health care professionals for the past twelve years was formally head of English training and communication for Merck-Théramex where she became an expert in developing custom-made courses for actors in the medical and pharma industry. Since setting up her own company, she has continued to work in close collaboration with the major players in the health care industry.

*Names of companies and details of programmes are withheld for reasons of confidentiality agreements.
Judy would be happy to discuss the development of a personalised programme for your company and can be contacted by clicking on : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.